Integrity of the Game

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At a recent The First Tee class session, we took our participants out to driving range to work on our Judgement. The range was set up with yard markers for distance references and to think about our approaches.

If the green is 70 yards away, what club are we using? How long is our backswing? All of the things that we would think about on the real golf course.

During our session, a group of individuals were putting on the green next to the range. One of the golfers apparently was not so great. He threw his golf club out of frustration and yelled some inaudibles. All in front of our young participants.

Although it is a natural reaction, there are times and places where it’s best that it is controlled. We teach our PLAYers that a golf course is one of those places.

Of our Nine Core Values, we teach the meaning of Integrity. We define it as a strict adherence to a standard of value or conduct.

Though Integrity was not the teaching topic that day, fortunately for us and unfortunately for this individual, this one moment became a teaching moment for our PLAYers. An example of how not to show Integrity. An example of how we shouldn’t conduct ourselves on the golf course and in general.

Golf is game of etiquette and composure. Players are responsible for their actions and personal conduct on the golf course. Our behavior is always being judged even when others may not be looking.



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